The War with Grandpa
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Sixth-grader Peter (Oakes Fegley) is pretty much your average kid- he likes gaming, hanging with his

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Sixth-grader Peter (Oakes Fegley) is pretty much your average kid- he likes gaming, hanging with his friends and his beloved pair of Air Jordans. But when his recently widowed grandfather Ed (Robert De Niro) moves in with Peter's family, the boy is forced to give up his most prized possession of all, his bedroom. Unwilling to let such an injustice stand, Peter devises a series of increasingly elaborate pranks to drive out the interloper, but Grandpa Ed won't go without a fight. Soon, the friendly combatants are engaged in an all-out war with side-splitting consequences.

User Reviews
316745 2022-01-17
Good movie

NormaE3 2021-03-31
I saw it at the movie theater and bought it on iTunes! We really enjoyed the movie!!!

sfjdvoopdc 2021-03-28
This movie is so funny and for the whole family and cute and is a amazing comedy I recommend this to anyone who likes family comedies

Welsbacher 2021-03-25
This is one case were he De Niro needs to be canceled.

Kevapedia 2021-03-21
This movie is funny. It’s a comedy and it has a lot of pranks and jokes.

John II of Aragón 2021-02-22
De Niro is an old washed out actor, he does the same role over and over and over, he is so predictable that even the small boy outperforms him. Seriousy a waste of time

becky59874 2021-02-22
Busted up laughing

palrus28 2021-02-21
I’m not sure why everyone is saying the movie is bad. It’s not. It’s a good funny movie.

prabbitts 2021-02-21
Lasted 33 minutes before turning off.

Hou-Tex Pest 2021-02-19
Family of 5 My daughter I thought it was funny. My son didn’t like it. Wouldn’t buy it unless it was on major sale.

The real cujo 2021-02-19
He went on a trip with his Karate group on the last holiday from school. I asked him how he liked it because I usually buy the movies he watches with his group. For this movie he said dad I didn’t like this one. My son is autisc and highly functional. I was perplexed and asked what was wrong with the movie and he said it had bad language. Of course I asked what was said but he’s smarter than that he said no I can’t say. So I started checking reviews and it all runs along with his view. So no I’m not recommending this movie and we as parents have to access what our kids watch even with PG rating

Tejanogrande 2021-02-18
De Niro is a has been that has been left behind. Never was that good of an actor and this movie certainly highlights that fact

Dafinator 2021-02-17
This movie stinks! Really highlights the fact that Robert De Niro was never a good actor, it was his co workers that make him good and the editing. ROBERT DENIRO NEEDS TO RETIRE! Go live behind your gated community and in your energy sucking home - and lecture everyone from there. I won’t be listening to your hypocrisy or watching your crappy movies.

OGMunny 2021-02-17
Career is over Bob. You’re as anti-American as they get. Horrible movie.

NIH uh yacht dishy 2021-02-17

Your air 2021-02-17
DeNiro is so filled with hate that it bleeds onto the screen!!!

kajjii 2021-02-15
There really trying to push this movie to the top even tho it stinks.

movie9999 2021-02-12
Robert needs to retire

Chan review 2021-02-09
The subject says it all.

Hershey Kind the fifth 2021-02-09

JenKolb 2021-02-08
I’ll admit, there was some corny stuff in here...but there was more LOL moments that I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t impressed with the parents at all, but the war and cast of that portion was pretty great. The kids were awesome too.

Wightie 2021-02-06
I see the bitter old man coming through in dinero’s acting.

uuuuuuuuuuudu 2021-02-01
Robert de Niro still got game. wish i could watch this in theaters

JR5691 2021-01-31
Deniro no longer acts but takes on any movie for a buck.

Sir plays-a-lot 2021-01-31
Dont waste your money

Treyman1994 2021-01-30
Made me miss my grand father. Some of you take movies too serious. Great film!

tv com 2021-01-28
This is an entertaining comedy. The negative reviews are not from people that actually watched the movie but from trumpturds lashing out to protect their fatass pathetic leader. If you’re not a trumpturd and interested in a comedy, this movie will entertain.

Alexboliviano 2021-01-25
Enjoy every single minute. Clean movie for all ages.

unicorn599 2021-01-24
I love this movie my mom and my family loved it we watched this before my mom went back to home but my fam loves it 100/10 watch if you know funny watch with your fam and friends you need too now!! Watch now

ftknox1944 2021-01-24
Time for these old actors to open a restaurant and forget acting.

Fan GURL 2021-01-23
It wasn’t terrible. Could have been better, but it was ok.

Jayse wolf 2021-01-21
It’s a great movie but could use more pranks

dusa da moosa 2021-01-19
Yea hehe boi

StEvE CaR 2021-01-16
Words can’t explain how bad this movie is

Aj008[ 2021-01-16
Not very funny

stressedinflorida 2021-01-15
Cute movie enjoyed it. Ending kind of strange.

The Great Harlando 2021-01-14
Robert De Niro's best acting days are long behind him. De Niro should hang it up and do what tired Actors do.

Bizzyladi 2021-01-14
Wouldn’t waste 5 cents watching a movie with this traitor, Robert De Niro. He’s hateful and an un-American leftist shill.

Scorpio_5 2021-01-14
The professional actor tries some different is fantastic! I love this movies!

jaymama13 2021-01-13

KFriedC 2021-01-12
Watched with my granddaughter and she loved it.

jimbobothy 2021-01-12
It’s ok

mikeymike76 2021-01-11
Not worth it.

Girlie Man 2021-01-11
Took my mother to see this movie at a theater in Dallas. We were the only two in the theater on Monday afternoon January 4th. Did not live up to the hype. The trailer is funny, but the movie turned out to be long and boring. Dodgeball scene went on too long. Other scenes seemed forced. I dozed off a few times out of boredom. Chris Walken's talents are wasted in this movie. He has the only funny moment with "Semper Fi." Too many flops for a once great actor in DeNiro. Move on Bobby D.

cartel213 2021-01-10

usaf1220 2021-01-07
When is Deniro going to retire? He should quit embarrassing himself🤧🤔🤐

Forcefan10 2021-01-07
De Niro was never actually a “good” actor, he had a Schtick that garnered accolades in one movie, and then we saw the same De Niro drama routine for decades. Now he can add this to the trash heap that has persisted since his move to forgettable comedies. Sadly, when you see Deniro’s face on movie poster it’s a good sign to avoid. Might as well upgrade to recent Nicolas Cage movies.

floydlee45 2021-01-07
I’m suing for my money back,time wasted+pain and suffering! Failure in movie and iTunes for censorship of reviews!

Bling05702 2021-01-06
If you love Deniro you’ll love this movie!! Great film👍🏼

hakehahahahahajuhaksisn i 2021-01-06
When I saw this movies prevuie I was like omg I need this so I asked my mom and she said yes i Watch this movie so many times that I’m in love