Crimes of the Future
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In the not-too-distant future, humankind is adapting to its toxic environment via mutation or surgery. Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) and his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux) present his mutations as performance artists, while Timlin (Kristen Stewart), a government investigator, tracks their movements. Saul's notoriety incites a mysterious group to unveil the next phase of human evolution.

User Reviews
GlennBond 2022-11-02
Just saw this last night. Wow. They really push it with this one. A bizarre story. With bizarre concepts too. Avant Garde. Surreal. Was surprised they got the cast that they did even though David Cronenberg directed it. He always likes to walk on that edge. Loved his other film, “History of Violence”. This movie is not for kids. If you don’t like looking at blood then this is not for you. No way.

DRam2387 2022-10-25
While there maybe underlying messages here the execution just misses the mark. The story is choppy, “futuristic” sets/props look cheap, cinematography is uninspiring, and the acting is unbelievable/at times annoying (e.g., throat clearing of main character…among other things). This is one of those movies that you are angry you wasted a few hours of your life watching. You’ll never get that time back. Don’t fall victim to that Crime.

Aletheiai 2022-10-24
I never did wrap my head around the bizarre metaphor, "surgery is the new sex." But I was utterly drawn in by the intensity and emotional authenticity with which Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydoux brought to life all of its shifting jealousies and ecstasies and guilts and sulks and yearnings. This was subtly done -- a half-second facial expression here, a one-syllable inflection of voice there -- but if you're watching closely, it is brilliantly clear. I am NOT into gore or horror, and there was some gore because the "surgery" part of the metaphor supplied the film's visuals. The "sex" part of the metaphor meanwhile supplied the film's emotions. And that -- the acting of those emotions -- is what drew me in.

watch more movies 2022-10-21
Don’t waste your money. This film does not qualify for a rating.

Vdubbing 2022-10-20
Because of your review and advertising of top gun. I was reminded how good the movie was and bought it instead of renting this movie thanks for the tips hate bad movies!

hologramistoide123400 2022-10-19

James$45$ 2022-10-16
Pregnant man? NO! How could watching something like that be entertaining? Sick! Writer didn’t need a pen.. needed a psychiatrist!

SH0RT8USDR1V3R 2022-09-21
I never write reviews but in this case I will. I personally thought this movie is garbage! Waste your time and money at your own risk!

xkevenx 2022-09-18
This movie is trash 🗑. I loved A History of Violence, Crash, The Fly and some of his other films but the fact someone write a 32 page essay about how “bold” this movie is, is a complete joke. It’s not worth watching, please avoid it.

lester phelps 2022-09-15
Hey Keith Otis, we can see you’re a brilliant intellectual and obviously above us peasants, but when you make snarky comments lumping in Top Gun fans with people who didn’t get vaccinated, you’re showing both your bias and ignorance. People like you are the problem, not the solution. Thanks.

kopje rock 2022-09-15
Cronenberg delves into some pretty weird realms. But this one utterly failed in whatever experience he was trying to explore. Nothing worked in this c minus film. So many things wrong. Might of been a success but The story ended before it could mature. The whole movie felt false. The acting never felt natural. thats the directors fault. It actually felt and looked amateurish.

topher_e 2022-09-13
Easily one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen…

Vincent_Vega_junkie 2022-08-13
Maybe we'll naturally digest nuclear waste through evolution to keep the planet clean. This should've been an A24 film because it's all about superficial visual artistry and not all all of emotion or material artistry.

AidenDPearce 2022-08-05
I almost didn’t rent it due to all the poor reviews and people saying it’s super gross body horror but I’m glad I gave it a shot because it was pretty great and thought provoking! It’s not even remotely as gory or gross as most movies these days, the only thing I found disturbing about the movie was the odd sexualization of pain and people cutting on each other. Between that and Kristen Stewart’s absolutely horrendous acting as usual (luckily she’s barely in it), is the only two things that stopped me from giving it 5 stars as this is a unique take on human evolution and human art performance.

Phantom Zone 2022-08-02
There is a lot to unpack here. I mean, it’s a Cronenberg film. Not only that but it’s Cronenberg going back to his roots of body sci-fi horror. Very different than his original Crimes of the Future. This one follows a world where sanitization and overall cleanliness is out because people don’t get infections anymore. They’ve evolved beyond infection and, for most, pain. The lack of pain creates an absence in people’s lives, so ‘physical feeling’ in general becomes a sexual thing. A forbidden thing to have in a sense. There are other mutations that occur, and those mutations revolve around our main character who is a performance artist. There is a deeper story that develops beneath the skin of the story and it is very poignant to how we treat the environment today and the repercussions it will have. It’s a smart film. Not an action film. Not entirely horror either. It’s Cronenberg, which is a genre in its own. So if you know Cronenberg, you’ll appreciate this piece.

Tony 2Toes 2022-08-01
This was fantastic!

mobot93 2022-07-14
Disgusting lame

heuerj88 2022-07-02
Easily the best film of 2022.

Ultimate Warrior 1990 2022-06-30
Maybe could’ve been decent if Kristen Stewart didn’t ruin it

evan11paul 2022-06-27
It’s good as in it’s got interesting ideas that make you think. If you’re looking for horror you won’t find it. Wait till it’s on a streaming service or it’s a 99cent rental.

raffols 2022-06-25
This film is terrible. Avoid.

Fuzz84 2022-06-25
Look, I love me some Cron just as much as the next man and I even drove to another city to watch this in theaters but my god, what a dull disappointing waste of time.

Br. Lomi 2022-06-24
Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen...partially. I didn't finish it.

wev/ The 2022-06-23
Incomprehensible how bad this thing is. DJG

jkrocks93 2022-06-23
As a horror film lover this movie is no where near any horror. And honestly no body horror either.

WriterR5 2022-06-23
Crimes of the Future (2022) is destined to be debated and discussed for decades to come. It gives a glimpse into a strange world where old technology and new biomechanical and high tech wearable exist side by the side, but if you cut away the fantastic elements, Crimes of the Future (2022) is also very much about where we are as a society and may be heading. Climate change, synthetic waste, a post industrial collapsed society has effected how people view and behave in this world. Surgical addiction, body modification and even sexuality have changed society into a generation of obsessed with feeling alive by whatever means of self expression including self mutilation as the new tattoo as it were. Saul Tenser and his partner are renowned a performance artist couple. Saul’s body is growing new organs, which in his shows he has surgically removed publicly to an audience of voyeurs. This trend has gotten him the attention of the Government’s new agency that catalogues new organ growth as a means of maintaining control over how we will evolve as a species both physically and sociologically. A group of dissidents that have embraced where humanity is evolving seeks to use Saul as a means to demonstrate with physical proof what our successors are becoming. The film brilliantly created a world that appears on the surface to be different from our own, but as one peels away the layers, it is clearly apparent that this is more than a look into the crimes of the future. It is a prediction based on our crimes of the present and where our species may go in order to find acceptance in a world we have altered and now is altering ourselves.

D.N.TN 2022-06-22
That is some pretty SICK IN THE HEAD CRAP!! Sheez... society is doomed if you think this garbage is entertainment.

bambino10000 2022-06-21
Crimes of the future will be movies made like “Crimes of the Future….” and forced to watch…. This story didn’t go anywhere and characters didn’t make any sense. I felt like I was watching one of those German Avant-garde art installations….. I had better expectations going into this film….. I regret deciding to see this.

Voglersama 2022-06-21
Crimes of the Future is a fun, strange little film that is surprisingly relevant to our current social/political climate. Fans of David Cronenberg’s work will enjoy this. If you haven’t seen any of his work yet, well… give this one a taste.

wesbent 2022-06-21
Please avoid

menickna 2022-06-21
Conflicting political and corporate interests over the corporal. Human evolution in response to our ecocide. Must see Cronenberg

Ozhigwan 2022-06-21
This is the ultimate Cronenberg film!

SuperMegaBroKing 2022-06-21
Couldn’t stop checking my phone when I saw this in theaters. Good cast but just a weird and cringe movie. Too pretenious!

FilmFan655321 2022-06-21
Solid throwback Cronenberg that marks a return to his Body Horror roots

SatisfiedTampon 2022-06-19
this movie slayed

babyballz 2022-06-13
reallly solid

Keith Otis 2022-06-09
Many of the published reviews include the phrase, Not for everyone, and that is true on different levels. Those who are waiting in line to see “Top Gun: Maverick” would do well to avoid this movie just as they avoided vaccinations. It’s a difficult movie, one that requires focused attention and the ability to solve the hermetic riddle of the plot, as well as a pensive nature to consider how it reflects on our society, and mostly, the guts to view repeated shots of guts (mutant guts, no less). Another thing to reflect on is how little motion pictures, cinema, have progressed since the first films of the Lumière Brothers. In the U.S., theatrical movies began with “The Great Train Robbery,” and that became the staple of what Hollywood produced. After years of horse chases and shootouts, automobiles replaced the horses and automatic pistols replaced six-shooters. The most notable difference is that now the bad guys usually chase the good guys. But every once-in-a-while, word gets around to the curious minority that something distinct and original has somehow been released. “2001: A Space Oddessy” was a milestone as was “Life of Pi,” but in general, the two auteurs who have made the most original movies and pushed the limits of what movies could do are David Lynch and David Cronenberg. With both directors, their best works are based on their original scripts. Over the years, I have favored Lynch as the better filmmaker (although he had a few stinkers), but with “Crimes of the Future,” I now consider David Cronenberg to be the finest film maker of all time. The principal reason for this is that in so many of his films, there are scenes of things so weird and uncanny that they come from some region far beyond what my imagination is capable of as well as the imaginations of anyone I know. Cronenberg is the greatest surrealist since Dali. But it’s not weirdness merely for the sake of shock value. There is social criticism behind the super-realistic gore which dominates the movie. The New York Times (and other publications) has reported that humans now ingest the equivalent of one credit card of plastic each week. What effect will this have on our species? Are the endocrine disrupters in plastics causing the sudden and controversial rise in sexual dismorphism and gender dysphoria? How can such problems be solved? The movie’s opening scene shows a child who has a taste for eating plastic, and he dines on a waste basket. The premise of “Crimes of the Future” is that a new breed of humans have (by Lamarkian evolution?) converted themselves to a diet of industrial waste, which sounds like a boon for the planet, but the police are out to stop them. How did all this happen, and is the protagonist the cause? Another thing I admire about both Cronenberg and Lynch is that they are not afraid or shy about featuring nudity and erotic scenes. Our humanist minority fought for years to jettison the puritanical Hayes code which lowered all movies to the level suitable for children, grandmothers and pets. But then, as the Boomers aged, they decided that they no longer wanted to see anything erotic anyway. Here at last is something which does not deny that sex is a vital part of life. Unfortunately, by the time the story is set in, reproduction is not doing well (and there’s talk of cannibalism), and hipsters are instead turned on by surgery performance art. So there’s a lot to consider and much to see in this movie — so many subtleties that I plan on watching it again — but not before or after a meal.

sirgray92 2022-06-06
I was expecting it to be a little grosser and cringy but it did evoke earlier Cronenberg movies.

MicroDragon85 2022-06-06
Saw this is theaters and did not enjoy. A hot mess of a story and wildly pretentious, it was pretty tedious to watch. The movie did look good and the concept was interesting but I feel like Cronenberg didn’t know how to make a story work with this concept. Avoid.

RMcGrath1877 2022-06-04
Worst film of 2022