Black Adam
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Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods—and

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Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam (Johnson) is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

User Reviews
chi.loyal 2022-11-29
He’s totally out of place here, giving off a total cringe worthy super hero performance. I’m surprised his agents let him go off this. Everything about this film is a total cringe fest. Besides that there’s absolutely nothing special about this film. It’s a totally sub par movie with little chemistry.

BlackhorseLimo 2022-11-29
Be prepared to see no content. I wish i could get a refund. Hard to sit and watch this movie as i always loved all the DC movies. But this one is just lacking content. I saw about 40 mins and it never got any better. Could not waste anymore time on it. I feel bad i wasted my $$ on it. I thought it would be exciting movie to have in my library for kids and grand kids. But its at the bottom of the bottom. Do yourself a favor and just watch it when its free. Not worth paying to buy it nor renting it.

FrankCioffi 2022-11-29
Had to turn it off…..

deigeS 2022-11-29
I saw this in the theater and really enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve liked a Dwayne Johnson movie to his much for some years now. But he really became a different character in this one. (I have not read the comics so I can’t compare to that) but as a film he’s definitely a formidable force and the other characters were like able and it had a good balance of action and comedy. The only thing was the touch of horror added wasn’t necessary. But other than that the movie was great. The ending also really makes me want to see a sequel but with the way WB Execs have rammed DC movies into the ground and potential sale to Universal I’m not holding my breath. Sadly. Maybe universal can fix things if they buy but I’m getting off topic.

Rulitesm US 2022-11-29
I don’t like it…very boring

Gadsden1776 2022-11-28
More woke agenda. Sad…

SadPanda69 2022-11-28
Reasoanably good story and good amount of action. I would just avoid expecting more from it. The mother / son parts can get slow at times.

abrakadabra369 2022-11-28
Too expensive to rent cheaper to pirate

FortisOne 2022-11-28
The fact that this movie is gaining a cult following is jaw dropping to me, I prefer DC over Marvel but I really disliked this in the theaters, so I decided to purchase this on Itunes so I could rewatch and give it another chance, But this movie is still awful. The story is nonsensical, and does not have a single original concept in it (Seriously, try to think of one thing in this movie that is not a cliche) The visuals are alright, But still many shots look like a really expensive video game, Dwayne Johnson is literally playing Dwayne Johnson in a cape, Nobody involved in this movie actually cared about the source material, Absoulutely no connection or faithfullness to the comics Black Adam (SPOILERS He literally destroyed his Throne at the end because "It didn't feel right", That is absolutely ridiculous for the charecter.) This whole movie is just garbage, It is no diferent than the bland garbage Marvel is vomiting out, Next time DC wants a good movie they should hire creatives who actually apreciate and READ the source like Matt Reeves did for The Batman, and James Gunn for The Suicide Squad. I only gave a 2nd star for Pierce Brosnan who was the only interesting thing in the entire film. It is so sad that the Comic Book Movie industry has been taken over by hack writers that do not even read comics, and base their movies from Wikepedia articles and Reddit synopses of charecters/stories.

DyreLogan 2022-11-28
I loved seeing Pierce Brosnan in this, but everything fell flat. When I realized that they did a race swap, YET AGAIN, to please the woke and blm crowd, and replaced Hawkman with a black actor, I wasn’t interested in watching the movie. I found myself doing other things while this was playing in the background. I am so tired of Hollywood feeling the need to change characters and make them black when they are not black in the comics at all. They did it to commissioner Gordon in The Batman, they did it to Hawkman in this and they did it with Anne Boleyn by making the actress black when Anne Boleyn was most definitely white. Hollywood is only pandering at this point. What would they do if someone made a movie about Malcom X and made him Hispanic or Asian? The black community would be livid. But somehow Hawkman and Anne Boleyn are “perfectly fine” according to reviews? How does that work?? It’s utter woke hypocrisy. I think I’m done with Marvel and DC and any other movie or show were they feel the need to race swap so they can pander to one race. I also noticed that there were hardly any white people in Black Adam except for Pierce Brosnan and the enemies. DC is trying to subtly tell us something, no? But of course this movie will be regarded as just fine, while if a white character is swapped for a black one then everyone will be expressing their opinions and hatred and probably cancel the director and writer and actors in that movie.

Cali212 2022-11-27
Dwayne Johnson did a great job playing Black Adam. This is a must see for DC fans and Marvel fans, too! Best superhero movie it the year without a doubt. Out of this world CGI graphics and well put together film. Best part of the movie is the end and it is a blessing to see the surprise. Enjoy! Black Adam > Wakanda Forever

rls1138 2022-11-27
Thoroughly enjoyed this; a fun, funny popcorn movie with good fight sequences and special effects. Especially liked Aldis Hodge as Hawkman (loved him in Leverage) and Pierce Brosnan as Dr Fate. Post credits scene sets up something very cool, too…

valshebara 2022-11-27
Best movie ! Champ !!!

lambert 21 2022-11-27
This has to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched 😢the story is terrible and one of the worst performances from otherwise great actors. I kept watching, hoping it would improve but to no avail. AVOID!

RobdoR 2022-11-27
THIS MOVIE IS CLEAR HORRIBLE, showed Dwayne can’t carry movie myself Henceforth they need to add JSA in to movie. In causing the cancellation of Stargirl

Jerome. EG 2022-11-27
It was a fun ride and keeping it real for the most part. Enjoyed The Rock as Black Adam. Interesting scene with Superman after the credits. Guess they are taking Marvels idea and running with it

Highfill 2018 2022-11-27
Such a great storyline and amazing action scenes!!! This was a truly awesome movie!!!

WesWer 2022-11-26
Black Adam was one best movies to come out of the DC World.

MASTERBUNCH 2022-11-26
Best for the summer,been a long time I really wished to see Rock DC

James The Just 43 2022-11-26
Good Movie, Great Action, Beginning Scenes with Young Boy( which was Son) Should have been Elaborated On, in the beginning. ( we assumed the Rock was Young Boy. Until Middle of movie.( I would have liked those scenes A little Smoother)

Jay W. Y 2022-11-26
This is one of the most SPECTACULAR movies ever!!!

Hollywoodlover! 2022-11-26
Save your money, and more importantly your time! This movie sucked and had no storyline. Was also really boring! I fell asleep have way thru!

Bo55daddy 2022-11-25
Loved the origin story and the character development

Super925 2022-11-25
I liked it. You're gonna have a good time. Don't expect too much. Enjoy the ride.

nonzense 2022-11-25
It is consistent with the first 5 minutes of the film.🎥 If you can withstand the narrative then you can probably watch the full length film. The movie has horrible actors: a lot of them have cringe worthy vocals, making the movie difficult to watch.

Mikecore32 2022-11-25
This is not follow the comic and the movie has been twisted to meet a 2020 Agenda.

NickD311 2022-11-25
Story and character development is just terrible. Action was good but didn’t have any meaning behind it. I was bored. 2 stars for the cameo but what a waste of money

jadenisabeast23 2022-11-25
Really good movie from start to finish has a lot of action little walk through that’s interesting not boring keeps you wanting more a lil comedy all around great keep it coming back at it with black Adam need 34567891011

GA-Biker Boy 2022-11-25
Good movie, I see no flaws. Great CGI, ….very good

Szieve 2022-11-25
Over all, just bad.. complete over use of cgi and a lacking story that did not connect well. The soundtrack is pretty awful too.. does not move with the story or scenes. I did not even finish watching. The first wonder woman was proof that it is possible for DC to make a good movie, this movie, and just about every other one shows that they just don't care to. This is one of the very few times, no matter how bad the movie is, that I would actually like my money back.

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hola como estes 2022-11-24
My favorite, DC movie hands down everyone was amazing. Waiting for BLACK ADAM 2

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memebras 2022-11-23
If this movie is categorized as sci-fi I will not purchase. I’ll wait for the steelbook. Every and all others from marvel and DC is action, and so is this. Too bad it’s in the wrong genre section.

Berkeley Rooster 2022-11-23
Nice special-effects but overall, the story or script doesn't work...very disappointing. Also, it seemed like the movie was a collection of scenarios that have already been accomplished in other past movies.

Nopositive666 2022-11-23
It amazes me that the way Warner Bros. decides to move on from the Zack Snyder era of the DCEU is to produce a movie that feels, moves and looks almost identically to a Zack Snyder movie. The slo-mo ramping, the desaturated imagery, the thudding, fist pumpingly predictable story beats…all of it. If this is the new path for the DCEU, then the MCU will continue to reign for the foreseeable future. Dwayne Johnson looks the part, there are some eye catching fx sequences, and Pierce Brosnan steals the show as Doctor Fate…but that, unfortunately, is about it. THIS is the product of 15 years of so-called passionate development??? Oh well.

Special Ops Master Cheif 2022-11-23
Wow! Best DC movie! This is a must watch.

16 wins 2022-11-23
Awesome movie I loved it

ascpb 2022-11-23
Fun family super hero movie

Wonder-ful Fan 2022-11-23
I loved the whole anti-hero angle.

Photag216 2022-11-23
What is going on with Rotten Tomatoes? This movie was awesome! Sooo many special effects, non-stop action. Stylized and cool. It wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was pretty darn awesome anyway. I was a HUUGE MCU fan until they destroyed it. This movie is by far better than any MCU movie or tv show since Endgame. Imo, the best DC movies were the first Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, and now Black Adam. Nothing else comes close. Just go in not expecting much, and you’ll probably be thrilled lol. I loved it. So fun.

Balldinho 2022-11-23
A fun popcorn flick

wellhamful 2022-11-23
From start to finish stayed giving 💥action!!

LaraCroft_NYC 2022-11-23
Lots of animated action, no story. It’s for kids, except for all the constant violence! You know that with The Rock as the star, it’s a “B” movie story-wise. He was never a good actor, just a sweet muscle man who always just acts himself. Who casted this movie, anyway? None of the cast were very good. But the animations and special effects were good. Especially all the explosions. 😜 I watched 3/4 so far; not really anxious to finish the rest.

Fuz793 2022-11-22
Won’t play on Apple TV. Would love to leave a review but can’t even watch due to “There’s a problem loading this content”. Everything else works even the extras, all other purchases work, and I can even download it to the IPad but the movie itself won’t play.

Natedogg 101 2022-11-22
The movie was awesome. Great special effects, great casting. Can’t wait to see the next one. Maybe Superman vs black Adam.

MonkeyMayne2000 2022-11-22
This movie was DOPE !!! DC has been coming out with straight bangers lately in their cinematic universe. An action packed super hero flick with some quality comedy moments. Black Adam & the JSA are must see TV, especially that cameo at the end.

PETE’S MUSIC 2022-11-22
Lots of good action and effects. The Rock 🪨 did an awesome job with his humor. Despite not talking too much. The Easter 🐣 Eggs were awsome, especially at the end of the Credits “Bad A**”

jbar1542 2022-11-22
I enjoyed this movie. It was fun from start to finish. I even enjoyed some of the cameos that you see throughout and that after credit scene. The DCU is going in the right direction. 👍

nebula101 2022-11-22
No agendas, or lectures. Just a movie that sets out to entertain and that’s where the bad reviews come from by the critics. Not woke, hence no good. Buts it’s great! Better than than the phase 4 nonsense.