Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to the Heartland
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User Reviews
Who's u mama 2010-03-15
So, this is a documentary and it's very well done. Most documentaries educate and this one did more than that. It's 30 days on the road with a group of men who work hard at their craft. I've said it before, there's this irony - the people who make us laugh conversely make us cry. These people put their heart and soul on stage. The irony is also, they are their worst critics, enemies. Audiences appreciate the fact that they get to enjoy some time with individuals who have the b$%#'s to stand up in front of hundreds of strangers and help them see the similarity we have as humans. Wasn't a fan of Vince Vaughn before but I've found respect for him as a man. Every participant in this movie gave their best performance as entertainers. Peter Billingsley is a force as are the rest of the cast. I will buy each and every comedian's work on Itunes. They are that good. Dwight Yoakum, Buck Owens, the family members of Cap, Brent, Sebastian, Ahmed were all interwoven through the movie. I will say, that if I ever go through Bakersfield again, I'll stop at Buck Owen's museum. This show portrays the grit it takes to get up and do Stand Up. It also proves that this great country has produced and still produces people who dream and work very hard to pursue it and are grateful for the work they do. God bless all comedians. They should know that their gifts are indeed appreciated.

sc13285 2010-02-19
This movie was really funny. all the comedians were awesome! a great buy!

YahooCredict 2009-01-04
Every one in this was great comedian and had a good story i say a must watch!

robchair 2008-12-20
DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! it was the worst film ever produced in the history of man kind completly pointless

ChaosTrigger08 2008-09-29
I loved this movie because it allowed me to see comedians I normally wouldn't go see and some that I had, but hadn't seen in a while. I also loved this movie because it gave a very good look at the life of a comedian; what they go through when they're not on tours, their home life, and even some other things I didn't know comedians dealt with. If you want a look at being a comedian I recommend this, and even if you don't I recommend it anyhow!

horndoggie 2008-07-03
We rented this expecting a movie of stand-up comedy. This it is not. It is a documentary and not a very good one at that. We stopped watching after 30 minutes. We felt like that we has been "bait and switched" - sold one thing and given another. Vince Vaughn does not come across very well and we got very annoyed.

bowwowbill 2008-06-11
Could have been better. I like seeing the comics being so real, but they could have done so much more with the way they put this thing together. Rental

philsalesses 2008-06-08
If you are expecting a comedy along the lines of blue collar comedy tour, like I was, you will be very disappointed. They they ever did put their shows onto a DVD, this would be one of the bonus features. It really wasn't that funny at all.

Julief125 2008-06-04
I thought this movie was really funny and way different (better) than I expected. I am a huge fan of Vince Vaughns and he did a really good job of using his name to get the comics out and shine. This movie was so funny yet it was so under rated! Great job by all!

EzraRainer 2008-06-03
This film made a big impression on me because these comedians are so real. It gives a great sense of America's love of a great comedic show.