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Meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the most irreverent reptiles in the universe! These are the first classic animated episodes that tell the origination of Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello. Once tiny pet store turtles, an accident hurtles them into the city sewer where mutant goo transforms them into something else! Fighting for good against the malevolent Shredder and his Technodrome, these pizza-eating dare-devils are a funny, phenomenal foursome.

User Reviews
Robgentryherrera 2022-03-20
These episodes will not download.

Monfasa8603 2022-03-09
how is there not a box set available like there is for the dvd version?!?!?! Not buying until it’s packaged together because at the price per season vs $20 for the physical version is clear what the choice is.

Tianna itzyourgirlteetee 2021-04-25
Heroes in a half shell!

yhfhgjv 2020-12-20
Anyways plz play a thing about rat free plz

1gfweweg 2020-05-31
This is a fantastic show, but why pay $9 for only 5 episodes?

Musicitunes6 2020-01-16
This season is good but the problem is there's no intro and credits for episodes Enter: The Shredder and A Thing About Rats and Hot-Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X

baynyorh 2019-12-17
I have loved the tmnt

unicorn3545 2019-09-08
I hate it 🧟‍♂️

wembe11 2019-06-22
i’m only getting 30 seconds of each episode such a disappointment considering I paid for it.

Shuffling thug 2019-04-30
These are the cartoons I remember as a kid

Juanpablotn 2019-02-26
Can you guys translate my Spanish

Roxy the rocking pirate fox 2018-12-22
I love these turtles the new one is so bad and makes no sense p.s I love these turtles COWABUNGA!!!!!

carlos mendez973 2018-11-21
I love them even when I was a kid growing up watching brings back memories

driftunit 2018-11-15
I’m sure glad to purchase this! Childhood nostalgia right here. Just as I remembered it. I even had my parents bought the NES game when it came out during the cartoon airing on tv same time. Love the game just as the first 3 seasons of turtles. Loved it! Well worth the price for the first season. I didn’t know there were up to 10 seasons total. Great cartoon to re visit for sure. I’d just wish the other seasons were a little bit more affordable in price. I will purchase more as time goes by. I give it 5 stars still worth it. I will watch all 10 seasons;)

-Clumsy- 2018-09-18

Wvbigdad 2018-09-03
TDiff🎣🥋🥊⛸🥊🥋🥊🥋🥋g g to Ft g Driving to tub

Zukira08 2018-04-11
A true original classic that never gets old! TMNT Forever!

ninja turtle fan 101 2018-02-16
Entertain yourself for hours eating pizza and watching this epic season! COWABUNGA!!!!😎

knowsclassic 2017-12-08
Thanks iTunes! This is the original and best of the turtle series. The theme, artwork, origin and story line is what I remembered when I was overseas. From VHS, to digital; glad to have the first season available again. “Heros in a half shell, Turtle Power!”

Talljack459 2015-05-12
I love this show and it brings back memories of my childhood. Just wish they would add seasons 2 and 3

freegibran 2015-05-10
I would really like to purchase this season, but why should I buy a season containing 5 episodes for almost the same price for the following more expansive seasons…..Itunes, this is a Rip Off

Code Million 2014-08-14

Pirate pop 2013-08-13
This show is so awesome you can even watch the show in the afternoons or anytime because it's the greatest!

Mikey ❤ 2013-06-22
I love the '87 turtles and its great to see them avalible on itunes. The price just seems a little high considering that season 1 was a 5 episode miniseries. But other than that i love this series and would highly recommend purchasing it. COWABUNGA!

Shadowknight85 2013-06-05
A cartoon staple and major contributor to the TMNT mythos.

Bobbers1022 2013-03-24
This is very good.

Lazybeth is fun 2013-03-16
i love the 2012 series of teenage mutant ninja turtles sooooooo much i took a chance to buy the first episode of the original series and trust me, i will NEVER regret it!!! Ha ha old lady with the machine gun... BUY IT NNNNNOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

Bones1097 2013-02-17
Best cartoon show ever!!! Man it brings back such great childhood memories I had everything Tmnt there was! New dont even compare they are just junk

Datteel 2012-12-09
I grew up watching this show. It was great then, and I still love it now. If they'd add the rest of the seasons to the market, it'd be perfect instead of skipping seasons two and three. Here's to hoping they get those added soon. Great buy.

EastsideChi 2012-10-11
I grew up watching the Turtles!!!!! Fanatic to the core!!! When I saw iTunes had the original my brain flooded with dopamine lol, goosebumps. I was transported back in time

Jason Gamils 2012-10-08
These 5 episodes are great. Their at good prices and all of the 5 episodes are very funny and just great to watch. But apple please bring seasons 2,3,4,5, please!

jey_98 2012-08-07
Great price for five episodes, but we NEED seasons 2-5 & 8-10!! But otherwise, great show.

Commander Nick 2012-05-24
I loved these when I was younger, only if Itunes would put the other seasons up.

Birdgan 2012-05-19
It only plays about 30 seconds of each episode... What do I do to fix this? Someone help !!!!!!

odjwbsfjwd 2012-03-29
If their could only be one TV show in the world I would haft to pick he TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!

The D-Trians 2011-11-28
I feel like it's the 90's again and I'm in my basement playing with my "skip it." Excellent video quality and sound. Please apple bring back the other seasons. We promise we'll make it worth your while...

Kureru 2011-11-25
I grew up with these loveable turtles! It's lovely to see them here on iTunes, although I do think there needs to be more seasons! Maybe the 2003 cartoon too! But still, thanks iTunes! Let's see more of the turtles in the future!

Adventure day 2011-09-11
I this season but can you get more like season 4

Lachdanun 2011-05-17
The first season is definently worth it, but.......until I see more seasons, that's all iTunes can get out of me even as a original turtles fan. Tthere is no guarantee they will release them(rest of the seasons) with so much on their plate. oh iTunes, don't know if you noticed, season 2 comes after season 1 and then 3, and then 4 in sequence. Just for your future reference. Don't want to see 3 come up before just saiyan....

Dmgtaclove 2010-08-04
The turtles rock. I had ninja turtle sandals, ninja turtle sheets, ninja turtle sweaters, ninja turtle pj's. This show was one of my favorites as a kid it was the bomb. My morning line up was Ninja turtles, Fantastic Max, Ariel's Undersea Adventure, and the the snorks, ahhhh, yep 1991 was a goood year.

WWE931. 2010-02-09
I grew up for the turtles along time ago. Even though I was born in 88 I always been a fan of the show ever since cause turtles rule dude.

MikaylaDianneMichaud 2009-11-22
I am so happy, I think my heart just exploded. I have never been so happy about something iTunes had. (: (: (:

MonkTHAC0 2009-11-18
Ahhh, one of the many cartoons from my childhood that I grew up with. You can't go wrong with the classics, especially if it's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, FROM THE 1980'S!!! To quote Michaelangelo "Cowbunga Dudes!" Great job iTunes! Now like everybody else has said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! Bring on the rest of the seasons! Also put on more 80's toons up here on iTunes, like ThunderCats and others, please. Thanks ahead of time if you do!

Dragon Lover Is Me Written all over it 2009-10-26
I loved it, it is forever a classic in my books now.

Pxorz 2009-10-22
It's great to see that one of my favorite cartoons is on iTunes. Love it! There's just one problem....where are the rest of the seasons?!?! Please bring our beloved turtles in full!!

lamb00 2009-09-24
dude we need the rest of the seasons we just cant skip from 1 season to the 6th season.

jlceja 2009-08-23

wit it 2009-08-17
I LOVE TMNT!!!! i can't believe they finally have it on itunes! =D

BJWanlund 2009-07-16
WOO HOO!! I was a TMNT fanboy growing up, and I had the little action figures as well, which was perfect for a kid like me with a vivid imagination. Now that I'm older, I find that the older designs of the Turtles (from this cartoon) is what I personally prefer. So, imagine my surprise when I find out that iTunes has a few seasons of TMNT! Then imagine my dismay when I realized it was only Seasons 1 & 7. Please Mirage, this is one heck of a wonderful trend, and keep it up! I eventually want to see everything from the original cartoon on here!

SteffInRockin 2009-05-13
thank you iTunes!! but we need more seasons!!!! COWABUNGA!!!!!!