A Piece of The Action
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Superstar Bill Cosby and the legendary Sidney Poitier ("Sneakers", "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?") -- stars of "Uptown Saturday Night" and "Let's Do It Again" -- re-team in their third unstoppable comedy/adventure, playing a pair of modern-day Robin Hoods trying to straighten out a menagerie of teen-aged incorrigibles. Co-starring James Earl Jones ("Patriot Games"), Tracy Reed ("Knots Landing"), Ja'net DuBois ("Good Times") and Denise Nicholas ("Room 222"), with a classic R&B score by Curtis Mayfield ("Superfly") and directed by Poitier.

User Reviews
Grumpy109 2022-01-07
More relevant today than ever! (2022)

t_smith 2021-05-31
From the trailer, I wasn't sure whether I'd like this movie, but I took a chance—and I'm glad I did. The acting is good all the way around, but Portier, Cosby, and Jones gave stand-out performances. It's a good story with great execution.

Him8tnc 2015-09-04
I've been waiting for 2 yrs at least to see if Uptown Saturday Night & Let's Do It Again (two classics) will be added to ITunes! What's up ITunes? You can't have A Piece Of The Action and not include the other two! Come on!

Jennie 63 2015-01-02
I rented the movie and had 29 days to watch,but its gone. What's up with that!!! I was getting ready to watch it. All those classic movies from that era was relaxing to watch and the music couldn't beat it. It told the story. I sure would like to see A Piece Of The Action movie the I rented.

Revoou 2013-02-25
If you are trying to determine if you should watch this movie, then take from me and proceed with renting or purchasing the movie. Bill and Sidney don't disappoint in this film. My main critique is that the movie should labeled as a drama instead of a comedy. This movie had some comedic scenes, but it was a lot more serious than I expected. (Warning, it has quite a bit of profanity for those who may want to know that information).

GlenHenderson 2013-01-27
It was available on iTunes last week, but for some reason has been taken off iTunes. WHY??!!

AG2400 2012-09-09
This is one of the most creative movies I have seen, upon coming up as a youngster back in the day. love how the story line and plot went, beautiful. And I hate to say that with all the remakes of motion picture films out today. The industry should not even touch this movie and remake. But happy to say if they did they would need the right cast of actress and actors. And not ruin it, but it would be nice too see a updated version. But nothing beats a "classic"!!!!!!

I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it! It is one of my all time favorites. I love Bill Cosby and Sydney Poitier. I have several favorite scenes, but the part when Barbara (Sheryl L. Ralph) is going ham on the teacher is off the chain. Love this movie!

alw1968 2011-08-15
This is a good movie, not as great as "Let's do it Again" but worth the watch.