Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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A live-action adaptation of Jeff Kinney's best-selling illustrated novel, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" chronicles the adventures of skinny "middle child" Greg Heffley over the course of a school year, as told through his diary and hand-drawn cartoons. Determined not to remain on the lowest rung of the social ladder during his first year of middle school, the hapless Greg takes several stabs at becoming popular – including betraying his seemingly uncool best friend – but when his efforts backfire spectacularly, he realizes that keeping a low profile may not be such a bad idea after all. As Greg says, "One day I'll be rich and famous, but for now I'm stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons." Zachary Gordon as Kinney’s wise-cracking hero, Greg Heffley. Rachael Harris and Steve Zahn play Greg’s quirky parents.

User Reviews
aidenjamesring 2022-11-19

LearningCoach 2022-05-20
Great movie everyone was likeable and Greg was a great friend

Genius Judge 2021-08-12
I‘ll just start this off by saying that it was action packed and humorous, but there are things they got wrong. Especially, why do the 6th graders look like they‘re 9 or 10? A 6th grader is supposed to be 12, not 10 like a 4th grader. And why couldn‘t they find a kid who looks like an alligator to play manny? Other that this and few other issues, it was a good movie.

Tboerio 2021-02-11
There’s an animated version of this coming out in 2021 😄

M!KE!! 2020-11-03
Totally inappropriate!! Why did they show Greg peeing on Rodrick!? That’s almost sexist! Plus, Rowley is stupid!! Greg’s life is death all because of his stupid friend who won’t shut up and keeps embarrassing him! His stupid family and stupid kids like Fregley!

purple dinosaur 18 2020-03-23
I think it was a good movie but I really don’t like how Greg tried to change his friend and how he purposely made him self better than Rowley

Apspiderman09 2019-12-11
I watch it on Disney+ and the first dairy of a wimpy kid the rest of the films are in ok I will just Tell you some Dog Days is on ITunes and the long haul is on FX and FXX And FXM And rodrick rules is on HBO NOW and HBO GO and it was all right and I give diary of a wimpy kid a 6.5/10 it all right but Toy Story 3 And iron man 2 was good but iron man 2 was pretty good and Toy Story 3 was really good and Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 was really good and Despicable Me one was all right on its okay

Averymarz 2019-02-22
this movie is a milestone for peak performance by directors, actors, writers, you name it. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is GENIUS for a few key reasons, and I will lay out my areas of analysis. 1) Soundtrack Par exemplum, Total Eclipse of The Heart hit the mark. Top notch, Greg’s audition stuck with viewers and I even adopted it for my OWN Segway into the theatre life. When Greg hit that final note, the whole world FELT it. 2) Cast Fregley is the sex symbol of the century. Those glasses, freckles, and unique but alluring haircut, one simply cannot resist. He exudes sex appeal. That’s hot. 3) perhaps most critical in reviewing the film, the EMOTION Evokes feelings I haven’t felt in years. Greg not receiving the role of Dorothy was a folly to gender and social structures, and a major injustice to all adolescents. I just wanted to hug him! You know you love the Heffleys Best, Bubby

Trey😍❤️∞ 2019-01-19
So funny! Books and film funny!

Jolovesgum 2018-11-25
Knock knock Who is there? Diarrhea Diarrhea who? D!@rrhe@ 0f @ w!mpy k!d. !$n't my j0ke funny th@t w@y 0r wh@t? Eye w@+ched th!$ l@$+ n!ght 4 0nce & l0ved the m0v!e.

BBeaches 2018-11-24
Really good exactly what I thought it would be

Tchahattou 2018-08-09
Loved the movie! Very charming and funny. I also really liked Greg, Roderick, and the mother's acting

tt6778 2018-06-09
it was jut like the book

ChrIs_423 2018-03-10
My 7 year old nephew got one of the books in the series from his school library and wanted to watch the movie. Definitely not appropriate for kids his age. There is a lot of use of the words "moron", "idiot", and "crap". And at one point in the movie, it shows an racy magazine cover and the movie dwells on it for a whole entire scene. Kids lately are getting exposed to inappropriate things younger and younger, and this movie could have done without those things! I made the mistake of not researching this movie enough!

fabyin:DOAWK's biggiest fan 2018-02-03
You know the people that vote on rotten tomatoes, well I hate them.

Jamie1681 2017-08-25
If you did do that and you wrote something like it was nothing like the book, well I kinda know how the movie was created and something's are fake to give the movie a better feel I think. They do that because if you read the book what would be the point in watching the movie? I am just saying and I am writing this and I haven't watched the movie yet. Also this movie is supposed to be stupid and funny they worked very hard on it. 1 shot like standing in the hallway can be like 10 shots over and over again.

DragonTamer8764719 2017-08-14
Ok so this is My favorite movie(for now). I don't know why everyone hates this movie??? It is not bad. The book was a bestseller and the movie should go with it and have 95% GOOD but we have 53% BAD and so it's not fair. The actors are great

by yoToxicKAT 2017-08-14
This movie is so funny

3ytennis 2017-05-29
Dad C

gregory hefley 2017-04-07
The movie couldn't have been better. I LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🖥💻📲📱⌚️🔫💵💵💵💵💵

Fenomen 39765 LOL 2016-11-09
It's a really good movie loved it I watch it all the time it's just a good movie

Reyy1014 90 2016-06-12
It stole my money it didn't even let me rent it, it said go to downloads and I went and it isn't there. Help!!!!!!

Cheezebob11 2016-05-03
This was so good my barf barfed which barfed

Xaviwood 2015-09-19
This movie is worse than North. It was just terrible. But no doubt I would most definitely watch this than Monster high. That was even worse.

Plz ima Ananomus 2015-06-07
This movie is very funny and great for most families I am 11 years old I think is very appropriate for all ages over 6. Although acting can be kind of iffy sometimes.

jDoanar 2015-05-08
Not a good movie or story for kids. A better title for the movie and books would be "How to be a World Class Jerk." No redeeming qualities or messages.

DeathstrokeGaming 2015-02-21
For the people who gave it 1,2,3 ⭐️s your stupid it's a really good movie I Watch it all the time because it's hilarious. For those of you who understand good movies you should go watch the other two movies

Creeper Con 2015-02-06
The best movie since The movie Cars

Cozy dog 2015-01-05
I love the movie cool and very interesting! When I first watched it 2 years ago I watched it over and over again.

Nightsstalckrr1995 2014-08-06
It's cool

Soccerplayer474 2014-06-28
The movie is kind of great but not animated it is not as goof as the stupid books

Zombie 229 killer 2014-06-18
The movie was awesome it blow my mind! :)

Bacon Gnanaboopathy 2014-04-14
The movie is good and all, but just like a bunch of other book to film adaptations, the book was better,

Xipffkguvug h 2014-01-05
Good job holly hills

Xavier Reid 2014-01-04
I watched the movie 100 times but this dumb store won't let me uninstall the movie so I can't get all the gta games 😐

Awesome series 2013-11-30
I love the movie and have all the books is there a ninth book?

Dujjcgxh 2013-11-07
Nothing like the book and the Greg kid is SUPER uguly👎

Itbdw 2013-09-30
I saw this movie years ago. Nice. A uh .

Tanyannette 2013-09-26
These books are idiotic and made with no thought at all. The movies have DISCUSTING actors, and is causing kids in my grade (5) to spread this so called "cheese touch!" I only read them for laughter. These books are for stupid people. Why don't they make dork diary movies? Huh? Yah. So, try reading something more complex and something that DOESN'T have a cheesy 14 yr old love life. Like twilight or dork diaries or... Or something other than this crud!

Mrs.Super M&M 2013-08-08
This was one of the best movies I've ever seen! Coming from a 9 year old. My friend and I thought this was super funny.

scdsounds 2013-07-11
The rotten tomatoes are right. Greg Heffley is a jerk. This movie wasn't that great.

Bigdog1918 2013-04-27
I hated this movie it was so boring not even funny. It completely buchard the book, and the acting was the worst I've ever seen.

Linawilly 2013-04-24
I didn't find this movie as funny as the other two. To me this one isn't the best but it isn't completely awful. It was a kind of boring for me.

CECENMC 2013-03-09
It is a good movie,and so funny

Good Job Mojang! 2013-03-07
Sitting in the lunch room all by myself. I'm a librarian I put books on the shelf. Roll up to the curb in my Mercedes-Benz. I'm a farmer I feed the hens.

Falafel cake 2013-02-03
Matches the book really well! It actually shows that, even if your friend and you seem like losers, together, You can be popular! This was enjoyable, but boyish for the girls ;) 💁

Kitten340 2013-02-03
I haven't seen the movie but I read ALL the books. The books r totally funny and awesome. My brother saw the movie and read all the books 2 but he says the books r WAY, WAY, better but I haven't really seen it so I guess I don't get a say. That's why I gave it 4 stars

Dhvn cluttering. Rgbxhdhic 2012-11-16
I love American girl movies

peaceboy84 2012-11-15
the movie was fine it had some funny moments bu they are nothing compard to the books i do not think that these books can really be made into moives that well plaus i did not like that they added a charter but sitll it was a good try at least they did not change almost every thing i hate that a hint to the percy jackson movie so to warp it up read the book they will give you more laughs then the movie

Avengers and marvel # 1 fan 2012-10-24
Kiss you hand 10 time. Say your crushes name 15 times.wright this in other 2 movies and look in your hand