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Join the Heroes in a Half-Shell and tap into the Turtle Power! In these totally gnarly episodes you'll yell 'Cowabunga' and turngreen with excitement as you battle Krang, Shredder, Bebob and Rocksteady. Those awesome Teenage Mutant Turtles, who just happen to be ninjas, need your help to save the world, dude!

User Reviews
1gfweweg 2022-09-03
I got these to replace my disorganized DVD set. However, I must note that the episode The Old Switcheroo has a lot of glitches as if I was watching on a scratched DVD or something.

GoingDuckWild 2017-02-09
Way better then the new ones.

SensitiveFoot2 2015-01-18
Awesome show the best one yet

Nerfnerf 2014-08-03
almost 50 episodes is an amazing price for such a great series

Datteel 2013-08-10
Glad they finally got more seasons of this classic action cartoon on the store. Definitely worth it.

Transformers Fan 2013-08-01
This takes me back, I have a few favorites from this season. :) Best season ever i would so recommend it to al, of my friends.